The Community Outreach and Assistance for Student Tenants (COAST ) Program became part of UW-Milwaukee during the Fall 2008 semester. The following spring, six student COAST Leaders began their efforts to create stronger bonds between the university and our students living in the community. COAST Leaders also connect with long term residents and neighborhood leadership while helping students be successful members of the community. The COAST Program has continued to expand annually including doubling in size for the 2008-2009 academic year, adding two additional positions for the 2010-2011 academic year, and expanding block coverage annually since 2011. Please see our updated staff list to find your COAST Leader and learn more about the ways these highly trained student leaders are ready to help you be successful!


COAST Leaders

Get to know your 2013-2014 UWM COAST Leaders.

Program Goals

The COAST program is designed to connect UWM students living off-campus to the University and residents of the community.


Take a look at your current COAST newsletter.

Become a COAST Leader

Applications to become a COAST Leader for the UWM community are accepted on a rolling hire. You can apply electronically or in the Neighborhood Housing Office.

Know Your Neighborhood

Become familiar with regulations, events, and issues in your neighborhood(s).

Neighborhood Associations

There are nine Neighborhood Associations surrounding the immediate campus area. Each of them also sends a representative to UNA (University Neighborhood Associations).


Safety is a main concern of all students, parents, faculty, and neighbors in the UWM community. In this section you will find information on the S.A.F.E. program, S.A.F.E. Alert Emergency Notification System, B.O.S.S., UW Police, and the City of Milwaukee Police Department.

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